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The Perfect Approach to the SEO Processes

Our Search Engine Optimization tips for website owners are a collection of methods that help your site end up with Google on page 1 of the search results. Ideally, even at number 1. The goal of SEO is to be found with the right terms (keywords), at the right moment in Google and other search engines. If you work through this guide, you have a very good chance of doing just that.

To achieve a good Google ranking, the following things are necessary:

  • Good content (called OnPage)
  • Good technique (called OnPage)
  • Good backlinks (called OffPage)

In this article, we will focus on the subject of “good content”. It is the most important point in search engine optimization. You’ll learn how to improve your ranking with the right SEO on-page strategy.

Find the right keywords Tips for SEO

This tip is one of the most important in terms of search engine optimization. You need to find the search phrases and terms that are interesting to your customers or readers.

There are two different types of search terms:

  • Money Keywords
  • Information Keywords

Money keywords are those where the searcher signals a buying interest.

In information keywords, the searcher has an interest in information . Here are some examples: carpenters, SEO tips, writing blog articles, baking cakes.

What is relevant for you?

Google knows exactly what people want when they make a search. Google tests different results for a few seconds and evaluates them. Then Google looks at how well the content pleases its users. Google knows that because it measures things like:

Spent time on the page

How many pages do you click on the search result?

Do you have a blog, then focus on keywords that many people search each month (= search volume). If you are just starting your blogger career and your blog is not yet established, choose a keyword or keyword phrase (long tail) that has a search volume of 100-1000 searches per month. These are usually not so hotly contested. In all that is above, the competition of the established is often too big to achieve a good ranking. Everything under it brings too few visitors.

If you want to gain customers via your website, then focus on search terms or phrases with buy signals, i.e. money keywords.

SEO practice:

  • Think about a search term with which you would like to be found.
  • Enter this term in Google and look at the first 5 results.
  • If you want to achieve a lot of reach and are mainly listed in Google news articles, Wikipedia, blog articles and Co., then note down this search term.
  • If you want to generate many customers and Google, providers, competitors and Co. are found, then write down this search term.

Plan search terms on the website

You’ve made the first step in search engine optimization. Congratulations! Now you have found some search words that are interesting to you. In the further course of the SEO tips, we will look at what is necessary to be found with these in Google. There is a rule of thumb: If you want to be found with a keyword, then you should have a subpage. Of course you can summarize similar search terms.

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